We’re Going Downtown!

I would love to reflect on “Portmanteau” for a bit. Sometimes it’s hard to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor, particularly when the laboring never stops. But I have taken the time and allowed myself a moment to be proud of what was accomplished last Friday and in the months leading up to it.

The audience was modest in size, but the atmosphere was engaging and exciting. I saw smiles, tears, heads nodding and toes tapping. All of those little cues told me I was doing my job and entertaining folks! Not only that, but the audience was invested emotionally, just as I was. It felt great!

I thank God for the gift of song and the power to uplift and inspire others through music. There is no better feeling than sharing my music with a supportive audience, and God made a way for just that to happen! I had my moments of doubt as we worked to plan and finance all the details, but I have learned so many great lessons on faith and favor from this experience. I can say from experience that God hears and answers the effectual and fervent prayers of the righteous!

All because of His Amazing Grace!

Marcus Bedinger, The Gospel of Grace – Portmanteau Recital from Nikea Wortham on Vimeo.

Make sure you buy tickets to check out my next recital at The Duplex in the West Village!



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