PLEASED to announce…

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… that I will be advancing to the Final Round of the Harlem Opera Theater Vocal Competition!

Yet again, God prepared a way and provided an opportunity for me for to do exactly what I came to New York City to do: share music with audiences.

The semi-final round of competition was absolutely amazing! After many hours rehearsing our recital repertoire, Martin and I were both thrilled that we had an opportunity to share a few pieces with the judges. It was also our first time performing for others as a duo, so I like to believe that fresh energy could be heard in our presentation.

I have been praying about my approach to the finals, and I’m certain I’ll go in focused on what I’ve already gained in experience, and soon, a chance to meet wonderful musicians and colleagues.

And the only competition I want to think about is the one with myself. Of course, the challenge is to do better than I did last round.

I see success in the future 🙂