HOT Vocal Competition Results

Before I get into the results of the competition, I would like to thank the Harlem Opera Theater, the competition judges, and the audience members who showed up to support the arts, music, opera, and the rich history of black concert music. Sound familiar? (hello, Portmanteau!)

I also want to thank my fellow competitors, who were all extremely friendly, gracious, and TAL-EN-TED!!!! I felt humbled to be sharing the stage with singing actors of the caliber that I saw last Friday night.

As for the winners, I unfortunately did not place this time. I’m definitely anxious to take another shot next year. This year’s winners were all incredible and I encourage you to look them up and support their endeavors as well! 3rd place winner- Daniel Rich, baritone; 2nd place winner- Crystal Glenn, soprano; and 1st place winner Brandie Sutton, soprano.

Now that the competition is over, I think you all can guess what I’m looking forward to next!!!! Please, I ask for your prayers and support as I countdown to Friday!!!!